Hi-Target Huaxing A10 Gnss Rtk System Made in China

Hi-Target Huaxing A10 Gnss Rtk System Made in China

Model No.︰A10

Brand Name︰Hi target Huaxing

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Hi-Target Huaxing RTK GPS A10 GNSS RTK GPS Receiver  

Hi-target huaxing A10 GNSS RTK SYSTEM
Performance advantage
By adopting the new design, higher quality, better performance and lighter weight, and changing the past imitation characteristics, the shell adopts the universal nano environmental protection material, and the internal structure is compact and orderly. While strengthening the sturdy and durable, the weight of the instrument is greatly reduced!

The Trimble full constellation multisystem motherboard supports the existing three satellite systems, GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and the various satellite systems that are ready to run.

Dual power design, automatic switching single block 4400mA ultra large capacity battery, double cell tank design, automatic switching use, no manual operation

Quick upgrade, easy to do U disc type import, switch machine, complete upgrade! Easy and quick, no need to wait!

Large capacity storage of A10 1G large capacity memory to meet the demand for large capacity data storage in the modern multi system era.

Advanced intelligent diagnostic technology Huaxin A10GNSSRTK system built-in intelligent fault self diagnosis system, encountered abnormal problems and timely speech broadcast. Whether it is routine check before the initial test or in the process of operation, it will be able to broadcast the software and hardware running normally and make it in the best working state through the shortcut operation.


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