Pentax W-800 Series Total Station

Pentax W-800 Series Total Station

Model No.︰W822

Brand Name︰Pentax

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Pentax W-800 Series Total Station


W-822NX W-823NX W-825NX
2" (0.6mgon) 3" (1.0mgon) 5" (1.5mgon)
Triple Axis Dual Axis

Power Topo CE with Intelligent Cursor
Display results in real time with colour maps as you measure.

Open Platform allows you to run major softwares such as
PowerTopoCE, SurvCE

Graphical Stakeout display results in real time on colour maps
as you measure in the fi eld

Increased Productivity swift and easy connectivity, large
colour LCD, 640x480 pixels with touch screen function








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